Out of the ”Carmen” Spell
By Arlene Alon.

July 29, 2010

The Carmen production at the Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv was a grand success.  Anyone who was involved in putting the show together had a reason to celebrate as the estimated 100,000 or more audience trudged out of the park by the end of the show fully satisfied with the splendid open-air performance. The opera was free for the public, but the performance was nothing less than splendid.

During each break, the Tel Aviv city mayor gave brief synopsis of the following act, complementing the audience’s sensory and intellectual experience of such a fabulously renowned opera. If art primarily springs from the soul, as well as the appreciation of it, the audience that night undoubtedly felt profoundly connected to one another. The grandiose production showcased a magnificent stage of lights, colors, music and famous, notable voices in the world of Israeli and international opera productions. From my location at the park, the first scene seemed to have gotten off unremarkably, with young singers’ voices sounding less solid and less polished. But the scene crescendoed awesomely as the lead performers demonstrated such enormous wealth of the Spain talents. For certain at the end of the show, no one in the audience left the park not deeply touched to the very soul by such a beautiful experience.

Cast of George Bizet’s Carmen Opera:

Israeli Opera premiere of this production: 25 May 2009

Conductor David Stern
May re- Gad Schechter
Decor and design match Nizan Refaeli
Lighting Designer Eyal Tabori
Choreographer Neta Shizaf
Battles Guide Barak Gonen
Carmen Rinat Shaham
Don Jose Scott Piper
Essex Vladimir Braun
Michaela Noa Danon
Frskita Hila Baggio
Mercedes Shira Raz
Sonigah Andrey Trifonov
Morales Yair Goren
The Israeli Opera Chorus
Choir Conductor:   Yishai Steckler
A young voice choir
Conductor:   Dalia Lazar – Simon
Conductor   Musical Director: Anat Morag
Opera Orchestra – The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion
Flamenco Dance Theater under the direction of Neta Shizaf
French Poetry
Hebrew translation projected
Translation: Israel Ouval
Duration: one hour and 45 minutes

Original production by Franco Zeffirelli’s Metropolitan Opera in New York.


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