Water Technology Solutions from Israel Donated by Israeli Government to Typhoon-hit Areas in Taiwan

Taiwan, Taipei.

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The ISECO – Israel Economic and Cultural Office (Embassy de facto) in Taipei  said Friday that the government of Israel has arranged a shipment of water tanks and purification devices, scheduled to arrive in Taiwan later in the day, for victims of Typhoon Morakot.

“When the scale of disaster caused by Typhoon Morakot began to unfold, ISECO took the initiative to approach the Executive Yuan with the idea of shipping water devices that might be useful in the situation,” the Israeli office said in a press release.

According to ISECO, the Executive Yuan welcomed the idea and immediately directed ISECO to the Ministry of the Interior, and then to the Taiwan Water Corp. in Kaohsiung.

Among a variety of solutions suggested by the ISECO, products from WaterSheer, an Israeli company that specializes in water purification, were selected.

The shipment will include two SOS Tank Systems to transport water to remote disaster-hit areas and hundreds of SulisPPD, a personal and simple-to-use device to purify flood and murky water into drinking water, the Israeli office said. Each SulisPPD can produce 700 liters of drinking water, which would be enough for a large family or a group of people, he added.

The shipment left Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv Thursday night aboard an EL AL flight. The supplies were donated by the Israeli Foreign Ministry with additional support from Giza Venture Capital of Israel and Huang Lung Engineering Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese company that has Israeli business partners.

The shipment was scheduled to arrive in Taiwan later in the day and Israeli Representative to Taiwan Raphael Gamzou was slated to oversee the direct transfer to the Taiwan Water Corp. in Kaohsiung, the ISECO said.

Gamzou also intends to be in Kaohsiung Aug. 15 to observe the efficiency of the devices, it added.

Typhoon Morakot lashed Taiwan Aug. 7-9, dumping massive amounts of rain on the southern parts of the country. The southernmost county of Pingtung received a record 2500mm of rainfall, which caused severe flooding in at least three coastal townships.

According to China News Agency, as of Friday afternoon, the flooding around the country, along with widespread landslides, had left 117 people dead, 45 injured and 59 unaccounted for. The casualties included three rescuers who were killed Tuesday when their helicopter crashed in the mountainous township of Wutai in Pingtung County.

Rafi Gamzou which was in the past most popular Consul of Culture Affairs in NY, was running around for the last three days helping distributing these water purification systems and actually purified water himself & distribute it to locals in disaster areas.

In late night phone interview said: “I’ve seen people suffering here (in Taiwan), and remembered this Israeli company WaterSheer, which invented water purificaton personal pills and other water purification systems, so without waiting I’ve started making phone calls to Israel and organized withthe help of the Israel Foreign Minestry these systems to help the people with the help of local government here”.

Note: Thanks to Ambassador Gamzou, Isreal was the first to give help to Taiwanese people as noted in world media, especially in major media in Taiwan!

Letters of appreciation

  • Dear sister Shen,

I got up this morning and saw the TV headline said that Israel was the first foreign country to send aid to Taiwan!

I saw Representative Gamzou and you at the airport helping people unload shipment and explain about the devices. I believe many Taiwanese are moved and grateful for your kind deeds. From this we also see how efficient Jewish people are! This is such a wonderful testimony!

Jinn-cherng Shyu

  • Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gamzou,I woke up early this morning seeing Mr. Gamzou in the airport personally checking the water purifiers from your country to the rescue of Taiwan typhoon victims. My tears of gratitude couldn’t help falling down. Thank you so very much. So many babies in the mountains couldn’t be fed because of no clean water, and you save not only the babies but also the adults there trapped in the mountain areas. How much the Taiwanese need to learn from Israel wisdom and big heart. Your hard work and compassion deeply engraved in the hero feats record of Taiwan rescuing history, which will always be remembered by every heart of Taiwanese, the victims and all the islanders.

    Much thankful,



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